The economic consequences of asthma among adults in Sweden.

Respir Med. 2007 Aug 3;
Jansson SA, Rönmark E, Forsberg B, Löfgren C, Lindberg A, Lundbäck B.
Karolinska Institutet, National Institute of Environmental Medicine, Stockholm, Sweden.

OBJECTIVES: Asthma is a common disease in most countries. The objective of this study was to estimate the societal costs for subjects with asthma.

METHODS: Telephone interviews regarding resource utilization were made in a representative sample of 115 randomly selected subjects with asthma derived from a large population study of obstructive airway diseases. Direct and indirect costs were measured, and the costs were also transformed with the estimated prevalence of asthma in Sweden.

RESULTS: Average annual costs were SEK 15919 (USD 1592; EUR 1768) per subject with asthma in the ages between 25 and 56 years. The direct and indirect costs were SEK 4931 (31.0%) and SEK 10988 (69.0%), respectively, and were highly dependent of age and disease severity. Assuming that the prevalence is representative for Sweden as a whole, the asthmatics would amount to 226000 in the ages between 25 and 56 years, corresponding to an overall prevalence in Sweden of 6-7%. The total costs of asthma for the society amounted thus to SEK 3.7 billion in these ages.

CONCLUSIONS: The total costs of asthma for the society could be estimated at 3.7 billion SEK in the age range of 25-56 years, and thus approximately twice as high in the whole population of Sweden. The costs were strongly dependent on disease severity and increasing age.




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